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ColorBAT Darkroom Handbook
Product ID: ColorBATDarkroomHandbook
ColorBAT Darkroom Handbook

Darryl C. Nicholas, Staff Writer for SHUTTERBUG and eDigitalPhoto magazines, occasional Contributor to other photographic publications, Publisher of ColorBAT Newsletter, the leading international journal of digital & wet imaging, noted world-wide lecturer and teacher of photographic imaging techniques - has now produced a reference volume for conventional (wet) darkroom work, The ColorBAT Darkroom Handbook.

If you’re interested in doing any type of conventional (wet) darkroom work - B&W or color - this ColorBAT Darkroom Handbook is for you. The Darkroom Handbook is organized by specific darkroom tasks for easy use. The "book" is ONLY available on CD-ROM in PC format with Adobe Acrobat PDF files. A free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader is included on the CD-ROM.

With over 280 pages, the ColorBAT Darkroom Handbook details over forty specific darkroom tasks, including such subjects as B&W Film Processing, B&W Printing, C-41 Film Processing, Color RA-4 Printing, Making Internegatives, Making Duplicate Slides, Making Copy Color Negatives, E-6 Processing, Using Dichroic Enlargers, Using the Beseler/Minolta 45A Color Head, R-3000 Processing, Positive Color Printing, tri-color Printing with a B&W Enlarger, Oil Tinting B&W Prints, and much, much more! There is an extensive cross-referenced alphabetical index to make it easy to find all references to a given subject where ever they are in the book.

Throughout the pages of the ColorBAT Darkroom Handbook, Darryl explains the concepts of photographic color, additive and subtractive enlargers, positive and negative printing in both color and B&W. It’s all there! You’ll learn Darryl’s personal techniques and secrets of analyzing negatives, color balancing, establishing correct density and using the famous BAT Charts for improved quality and production.

Although Darryl personally uses a Beseler/Minolta 45A Color Head... and there are lots of references throughout the ColorBAT Darkroom Handbook to the 45A... this manual has been written for anyone using almost any brand of enlarger. With any darkroom task that is discussed, starting-point exposure and filtration numbers are always given for both the 45A Color Head as well as for standard dichroic enlargers.

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